We Take Care of You
Washington DC & Bethesda – Chevy Chase

At Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington D.C., patients can expect a professional, caring environment with top quality and great aesthetics:

  • You deserve the best and we intend to give it to you in a warm, professional environment
  • Top quality dental crowns that last over 30 years
  • Implant supported restorations that are 97% successful
  • Great aesthetics with a natural, youthful “look”
  • Renown for problem solving
  • An in-house laboratory for custom esthetics and precision fits
  • The top professional team in Washington that, on average, is with us for at least 14 years
  • Listen to our XM Radio, while we take good care of you
  • As a patient in our office, we provide for all of your restorative needs and hygiene care.

“I have had nothing but phenomenal work done by Dr. Marlin and staff. During the course of over 23 years, I have had crowns, bridges and fillings replaced, all of which were the most professional I’ve ever had. … A true testament to his work is that, not one person in over 20 years could ever tell that there was a bridge.”

Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington D.C. staff

Dr. Marlin takes your care, personally, and has assembled the best team in the Washington area to help provide it in the most professional, caring environment. Your crowns and other restorations will look great, fit right, and last a long time, and will be provided in a very efficient manner, since he works, solely, with his in-house laboratory technician. Before you begin treatment, you will have a complete understanding of your problem(s) and their remedies, both of which will be demonstrated to you with X-rays, models, digital photos, and, 3D images. All issues and solutions will be crystal clear.

Our crowns, which last over 30 years, are so natural while being “youthful” that your friends will not even notice them, while noticing that something is different with your smile. In addition, Dr. Marlin is the most experienced specialist in the Washington metropolitan area with surgically inserting and restoring implants, and enjoys a 97% success rate. He has invented an implant restoration system and holds multiple patents in implantology.

To create a positive experience, while we take care of you, we offer our XM radio to replace noxious sounds with music or news of your choosing, and go to great lengths to make any long procedures easy. We are very proud of our long term relationships with our patients and the 5 star ratings that they give us.