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What Are Mini Dental Implants?

October 22, 2019
Like conventional dental implants, mini implants are inserted in the jawbone to create a permanent base for replacement teeth. However, mini dental implants have a smaller diameter than traditional implants, a different design, and a totally different function. They are never to be restored with a crown or fixed hybrid prosthesis. A traditional implant relies on a connecting element — known as an abutment — to affix a dental prosthesis to the implant. Meanwhile, a mini implant has a round head that attaches to a removable prosthesis via a socket and rubber O-… Read Full Post

Trigger Point Injections Relieve Pain from the TMJ Syndrome

September 09, 2019
We have seen thousands of patients over the years who suffer from pain from the TMJ and TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder/dysfunction) syndrome. This localized or referred pain to the head and neck can be intractable and ongoing for many years with the individual being very frustrated. On our TMJ Dentistry page we discuss this problem, in detail.  This drawing from Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point… Read Full Post
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I Need Veneers or Crowns. Can I Have Them Very White?

May 08, 2019
We all want a very bright smile, but do we want it to be very white? At Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington D.C., Dr. Marlin makes sure that his patients play a prime role in choosing how white they want their teeth to be. About 30 years ago, Dr. Marlin spent five days with one of the master Japanese ceramists, Masahiro Kuwata, learning the art of applying optimal translucency and internal coloration to porcelain crowns, according to patient desires, to create natural-looking crowns. With this translucency and internal coloration,… Read Full Post

Trigger Point Injections to Treat TMJ/TMD

May 07, 2019
TMJ pain symptoms are most frequently referred from “trigger points” in the jaw muscles, rather than directly from the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). This condition most frequently results when the muscles are overworked because a bad bite is producing hyper-irritated (“trigger”) points in the muscle. Dr. Gerald Marlin of Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington D.C. has been providing Trigger Point Injection Therapy of the jaw muscles as a part of his TMJ therapy for over 40 years. If you are experiencing or have suffered from pain… Read Full Post
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My Dentist Told me that I Need to have Several Teeth Extracted and Replaced with Implants

April 10, 2019
What Should I do? Get a Second Opinion. Your first question should be, "Why is this so?" and your second query should be, "What is so different that you are now in this situation?" The answer may be very straight forward. On the other hand, is it because a tooth broke off, but can easily be repaired? Is it because previous endodontic therapy has failed, but can be successfully retreated? Or, is it because the teeth have undergone bone loss, but that condition could be reversed and repaired?  Even though he has surgically inserted and restored over 3,000 implants,… Read Full Post
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Waiting For That Rejuvenated Smile!

January 31, 2019
After waiting several years, this patient presented with a desire to improve her smile. It was time to replace her veneers. To provide long-lasting, well-fitting upper crowns, each tooth had old fillings removed and was then meticulously rebuilt on the same day as the temporary crowns were inserted Working closely with our in-house technician, we were able to complete her complex case within two months. In the future, she will restore her lower anterior teeth with veneers or crowns to cover the dark stains and close the spaces between the teeth.
Initial Presentation…
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Tooth Enamel Erosion & Treatment

January 31, 2019
A college student treated by Dr. Gerald Marlin in his Washington DC dental office had severe erosion of his tooth enamel. As the enamel eroded, the dentin layer made his teeth look more yellow. Continuing erosion made the teeth so thin that the edges appear blue. Porcelain crowns were placed to prevent fracture and decay and to restore his appearance, and give him a brighter smile. Before & After “Hats off” Doctor Marlin for the outstanding work done on my 12 crowns and implants 28 years ago.I moved… Read Full Post

The Single Anterior Crown

January 31, 2019
This patient presented with a veneer on the upper right central incisor whose shape did not match the upper left central incisor (see the arrow) and was the wrong color. The result was an artificial, square looking tooth that had inflamed gum tissue because it was squeezed by the veneers bulky contours. After whitening her other teeth, we fabricated an all ceramic (porcelain) crown with contours that are biocompatible with her gingiva (gums). Before Procedure After Procedure Before Procedure After Procedure

The Compromised Smile

January 31, 2019
No Matter What Your Age, You Owe It To Yourself! Why should an active, energetic woman be compromised by her smile? These original acrylic crowns had darkened and discolored. New porcelain crowns reestablished her smile's beauty. Before & After Smile Makeover

Severe Restorative Breakdown

January 31, 2019
With several missing teeth, many teeth that were severely decayed, and a dramatically collapsed bite, this patient was in danger of losing her remaining upper teeth and having to wear a denture. By opening her bite and creating crowns that more naturally match to her very attractive lip line, we were able to return her pretty appearance and take many years off of her presentation to others. In this case, we were able to salvage her dentition without implants. Before Procedure After Procedure