Dental Implant Supported Makeover with Crowns

This patient had numerous dental issues: a fractured root, extensive decay under crowns, missing teeth, and failing root canals. To avoid wearing a removable appliance, crowns were permanently cemented over nine implants and multiple teeth. As a result, his smile is youthful and natural, and he has the confidence of a good prognosis with long lasting, completely satisfying function.
Just in time for his son’s wedding! Sometimes people hide their teeth with a mustache!

Implant Supported Makeover Before Procedure

Before Procedure

Implant Supported Makeover After Procedure

After Procedure

Dental Implants Supporting a Cosmetic Make-over

Before cosmetic makeover with dental implantThis patient was referred to us by her Orthodontist and General Dentist, when she was fifteen years old, for a cosmetic make-over, using implants to replace her congenitally missing permanent. Even though she was in the middle of orthodontic therapy, we were called upon to provide guidance on the tooth positionings so that there would be adequate spacing for the future implant placement. Implants should not be placed in children until they have stopped growing (at least 18 yo).After cosmetic makeover with dental implant
In order to provide the right arch form and bony architecture, we assembled a team of the Orthodontist and an Oral Surgeon to reset the jaws into the ideal occlusion (bite), a Periodontist for bone grafting the “missing tooth” sites, and an endodontist for necessary root canal therapy. We assembled this precision team of practitioners to assure that we obtained the ideal results before we placed the implants, their abutments, and the final crowns.

X-rays showing implant replacing missing tooth

Once the implants had fused to the bone, we inserted custom abutments and final crowns. She now has a complete dentition and a great look. She is so thrilled, she is considering going to dental school.