THE ALL-ON-4® (Teeth-in-a-day®)TYPE OF PROCEDURE provided with Meticulous Care, and bone preservation


At one time, losing all of your teeth meant a lifetime of pain, embarrassment, and difficult chewing. Just the thought of facing that can be scary – until now. Times have changed with a stable set of replacement teeth seated on implants replacing your failed teeth. We offer a refined version of the All-on-4® type of procedure1, utilizing bone preservation, rather than the usual and customary bone reduction, which provides our patients with a greater long term security. The result is a very happy, secure patient.

What You Receive:

  • Prosthodontist with over 30 years of experience with both implant surgery and restoration at a very high success rate.
  • In-house CBCT (Cone Beam) Scanner to provide you with an instant analysis.
  • In-house laboratory technician to assist with the immediate load surgery.
  • Detailed care from beginning to end:
    • Meticulous upfront case planning with alternate treatment plans and financial options.
    • Prosthesis fabricated for your review before surgery.
    • Precise planning, including virtual implant “placement” on a CBCT Scan to fit that prosthesis.
    • Implant insertion using that CBCT to prepare each site, along with an implant insertion surgical guide to precisely position each implant.
    • Bone grafting to preserve the extraction sites and repair any bony defects.
  • Ongoing, comprehensive care as needed.
  • In-house Hygienist providing maintenance care.

All On Four

The All-on-4® type of procedure1 requires careful attention to detail when planning the case design. After all, the placement of each implant dictates how your “replacement teeth” will appear and function. The more precise the result, the better your look and the easier the appliance is to maintain with your home care and with your hygienist. Furthermore, we feel that the integrity of your bone should be maintained, whenever possible, with bone grafts used to repair bone defects and fill extraction sockets.

Most All-on-4® type of procedures advocate bone reduction for surgical and restorative convenience and speed, rather than bone preservation, which is our preference, when possible. After all, one never knows when that “extra” bone would be needed in the future, and bone grafting preserves that option. Whenever you obtain an opinion about an All-on-4® type of procedure (also known as “teeth in a day”, “immediate load implant therapy”, “same day implants”, and other terms), ask if that clinic or office would reduce or preserve your bone.

implants placed in 3d scan

With regard to technique, each case must be meticulously preplanned such that each implant is placed on the CT Scan in relation to the bony architecture and to its preferred location inside of the anticipated prosthesis.

What To Look For:

  • Does the dentist, rather than a staff member, show you the projected treatment using a CT Scan and other demonstration materials?
  • Are you being offered treatment options or being told why other options are not available?
  • Is a Prosthodontist (restorative dental specialist) restoring your dentition?
  • Is the bone going to be “tabled” or reduced vs grafted and preserved?

1 There are multiple versions of this technique that are being offered under the following trade names: “All-on-Four”, Clear Choice®, “Teeth In A Day“, “Teeth in an Hour“, “Dental Implants in One Day“, “Teeth In One Day“, “Teeth In One Visit“,“Bar Attachment Denture“, “Dental Implants in 3 Minutes“,”Immediate Load Hybrid Prosthesis” and many other one-day implant treatment offerings of a full arch of replacement teeth. We group all of these therapies together via our term, Same-day Implants Prosthesis. We will discuss the pros and cons of the treatment, along with any alternative treatment plans at your consultation.

For more information on All-on-4® treatment or to discover which options are best for you, contact Dr. Marlin at Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington D.C. today.