Replacing a Single Front Tooth with an Implant
Washington DC & Bethesda – Chevy Chase

Failing Front Tooth needs to be replaced by a dental implantThe thought of losing a front tooth can be very frightening. Happily, we can replace that tooth with an implant that supports an abutment with a very natural looking crown. However, for the replacement tooth to be most natural, the dental implant must be precisely placed at the right angle with the correct depth. In addition, the abutment needs to be custom fabricated and the crown, itself, must be fabricated with internal coloration with enough translucencies to match to the adjacent teeth.

This twenty-two year-old woman presented to us as a teenager with her maxillary central incisor failing. The tooth was replaced with a bone graft and a removable appliance which provided a temporary replacement tooth. Once she had stopped growing, we inserted the dental implant using a special CT Scan generated surgical guide so that it was placed at a precise depth and angulation. After waiting for the dental implant to integrate, her dentition was rejuvenated with the implant abutment and crown.

Replacing Front Tooth with a Dental Implant: photo with final crown and x-ray showing implant abutment and crown, Final Crown on Dental Implant