Multiple Dental Implants for Missing Teeth: Washington DC & Bethesda

A dramatic rejuvenation:

When multiple teeth are missing, dental implants can be used to reconstruct jaw segments or even a whole jaw. They can be used to replace teeth that are lost due to decay, fracture, root canal failure, or other causes. The rejuvenation is dramatic as you return to complete function with esthetics. In some cases, a person missing all of the teeth in one jaw can be rejuvenated with a full complement of teeth that are cemented into place.

The multiple tooth reconstruction can be done with crowns and bridges, a screw down Hybrid implant bridge (fixed), or an over denture (removable) over an implant supported bar.

An Implant Restored Fixed Bridge

Multiple Dental ImplantsA fixed bridge has been fabricated to fit over natural teeth and dental implants. It was permanently cemented in place, creating a secure, reborn jaw with new teeth.

Full mouth x-ray showing dental implantsDental implants replace missing tooth roots and make it possible for this patient to have crowns instead of a removable prosthesis.

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