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Creating full dentures or implant supported dentures is truly an art. Patients often present with previously fabricated dentures which do not adequately capture the proper esthetics, do not fit well, and make them look older. Frequently, chewing is difficult. Other patients present to us with a deteriorating dentition, having lost what is the proper “look” for them. To correct these problems, the right anatomic teeth have to be chosen and then set appropriately to match each individual’s distinct facial pattern, lip line, smile line, and coloring. Most importantly, the height of the bite, which is usually diminished, needs to be reestablished. This is an intricate process.

With our on-site laboratory, our technicians work integrally with each patient as we establish the correct appearance and the proper function for a better result. When indicated, we can combine multiple visits into one or two visits and have a new set of dentures in a matter of days.

Upper Denture &
Lower Failing Teeth

Upper Denture and Lower Teeth Failing


New Upper Denture &
New Immediate Lower Denture

New Upper Denture and New Immediate Lower Denture


Of course, with the high success rate of dental implants and their restoration with a fixed bridge, a hybrid fixed prosthesis or a removable over denture prosthesis, you can have a dramatic improvement in comfort and stability over a removable denture or partial denture. No more floating or clicking of your existing dentures. No more misplaced or broken dentures; no more teeth in a glass.

When you contact Dr. Marlin in his Washington DC dental office, you can discuss how fixed bridges, implant supported dentures, or complete dentures can improve your smile.

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