Advanced Digital Technology

Advanced Digital Technology and Custom In-House Lab Fabrication:
The Best of Both Worlds

To ensure premium care and unmatched aesthetics and fit, we put technology to work for you in our office, combining the latest digital technologies with an in-house laboratory to create totally custom-fabricated crowns, implant abutments, veneers and other restorations provided by a top Prosthodontist and team.

Digital Technologies:

  • PDWDC Uses Advanced TechnologyIntraoral Scanner for Increased Accuracy and Comfort
    Provides increased accuracy and a better patient experience as we replace clinical impressions with digital impressions of the prepared teeth.
  • PDWDC Uses Advanced Technology for Advanced TreatmentCone Beam CT Scanner (CBCT) for Precision Dental Implants:
    Provides 3-D imaging of the jaw prior to surgically inserting the implant. Using “virtual reality”, Dr. Marlin “places” each implant on the CT scan taking into account the location of the nerve, sinus, and the angulation of the bone – and in relation to the overlying crown. He uses this information to create a precise surgical guide for the best implant placement.

In-House Laboratory for Superior Aesthetics and Fit:

The PDWDC In-House Lab Technician

We are one of the only Prosthodontist’s offices with an in-house laboratory, providing better quality control than is available from commercial laboratories. We have two porcelain ovens and use any one of 6 different porcelains for fabricating custom crowns with the mostprecise fit and optimal aesthetics. Our office does not use milled crowns, which are produced by choosing from stock in a CAD software library. Milled crowns do not compare with crowns that are custom fabricated to your specific jaw anatomy, bite, and tooth coloration and translucency.