Cone Beam CT Scans – 3D Imaging
Washington DC & Bethesda – Chevy Chase

Patient using a CBCT scanner

Even though we have been using Cone Beam CT Scan images (CBCT) for eleven years for diagnosis and treatment planning, we have supplemented our office technology with a cone beam CT Scanner. This new scanner will provide highly accurate and undistorted 3D radiographic images that show the height, the width, and angle of the bone, the location of the nerves and the sinuses, as well as other pertinent data. The CBCT images are an additional diagnostic tool which can be utilized when designing a surgical stent, and more importantly, can be used to create an advanced CT Scan generated Surgical Guide. In our opinion, it is imperative that either a surgical stent, or a CT Scan generated Surgical Guide, as needed, be used for the most precise implant placement.

We chose the Carestream 9300 CBCT unit because it emits one of the lowest doses of radiation, while affording us the option of taking a smaller set of images for restoring a single tooth or a small bridge with implants. In addition, its integrated software provides tools for our surgical preplanning. We are pleased to offer this technology on-site for the convenience of our patients, along with our existing digital and panoramic x-rays.