We Take Care of You

At Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington D.C., patients can expect a professional, caring environment with top quality and great esthetics:

  • Great, long-lasting results provided to you in a caring, professional environment
  • Simply natural, simply radiant crowns, veneers, and implant restorations
  • Provided by our in-house laboratory’s custom esthetics and precision fits
  • Top quality dental crowns lasting over 30 years (3 X national average)
  • Lifetime implant supported restorations.
  • Renown for problem solving esthetic, functional, and failing restoration issues.
  • Most experienced professional team in Washington
  • Listen to our XM Radio while we take good care of you.
  • You can count on our continuing support for years to come as we closely monitor your condition at your follow-up hygiene care appointments.

“I have had nothing but phenomenal work done by Dr. Marlin and staff. During the course of over 23 years, I have had crowns, bridges and fillings replaced, all of which were the most professional I’ve ever had. … A true testament to his work is that, not one person in over 20 years could ever tell that there was a bridge.”

Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington D.C. staff