The Dental Specialties
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Dental specialists who restore the natural teeth and/or missing ones with artificial substitutes. Prosthodontists examine and diagnose conditions caused by the loss of teeth and supporting structures. They formulate and present treatment plans for the construction of corrective prostheses to restore proper function and esthetics of the mouth, face, and jaw. They are involved with implant placement and restoration.


Dental specialists who treat the tissues around the teeth. In short, Periodontists are involved with the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease (disease of the gums and bone around the teeth). They devote their time, energy and skill to helping patients care for their gums and to preventing tooth loss. They are also involved with implant placement.


Dental specialists who diagnose and treat diseases and destructive processes, including injuries and abnormalities of dental pulps (nerves) and periapical tissues of the teeth. Endodontists may perform a root canal treatment in order to save the tooth. Inside each tooth is the pulp which provides nutrients and nerves to the tooth. The pulp tissue can die due to disease or injury. If this happens, the diseased pulp of the tooth will become infected and results in an abscess. Without endodontic treatment, a person will ultimately lose the tooth. Endodontists remove the pulp, clean the inner aspect of the root of the tooth, and seal it off to protect it.


Dental specialists who treat tooth and jaw malpositionings. Orthodontists use braces, retainers, and other devices, to straighten malpositioned teeth and/or to correct the way the jaws line up. Orthodontists may provide treatment to correct crowding or overlapping teeth, guide jaw growth and tooth development, and reposition other teeth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (OMS):

Dental specialists who perform surgery of the mouth, face and jaws. Oral Surgeons receive four to seven years of hospital-based surgical and medical training, preparing them to do a wide range of procedures including all types of surgery of both the bones and soft tissues of the face, mouth and neck. They are also involved with implant placement.

Pediatric Dentist:

Dental specialists who focus on management and treatment of a child’s developing teeth, child behavior, physical growth and development, and the special needs of childrens’ dentistry. Pediatric dentists, their staff, and their office decor are centered around that special psychology associated with children, and are attentive to putting them at ease.