Top-Rated Prosthodontist Serving Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Arlington & the greater Washington DC area

With her endless passion for dentistry and excellent bonding with patients, Laleh brings exceptional skills to our practice as she creates the most positive experience for each patient every day.

Her experience of working with many types of dental practices in the DC area for the past 19 years makes her a unique professional in educating patients, helping the dentists, and training the dental team. Her strong belief in continual education is totally in sync with her desire for her new dental team to continue to be the most efficient in taking care of their patients.

Last year, in my search to find the next mentor in my career, I discovered Dr Marlin and his highly sophisticated expertise. I felt that this is one of the best educational settings that I could choose for myself, especially with the support of such a highly trained team of professionals”.

Laleh is a martial artist, a cyclist, a weight lifter, and a runner. She loves playing sports especially Ultimate Frisbee. Traveling and music are a must, and her two sons are the most amazing part of her life.

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