Nancy M

Top-Rated Prosthodontist Serving Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Arlington & the greater Washington DC area

Appointment Coordinator and Insurance Facilitator

Beginning her twentieth year with our practice, Nancy M is a appointment coordinator. In addition, she is your insurance advocate. Her extensive experience with implementing a treatment regimen, some of which require intricate coordination with other offices, has helped our patients have a smoothly run treatment regimen.

"When I first came to work with this team (of experts), I found a coordination strategy: Dr. Marlin provides a road map with step-by-step appointments. From that point forth we work with a customized sequence of appointments. Our focus is to map out how Dr. Marlin and all team members can perform and deliver superlative dental care. We all help and depend upon each other. I count on the sound judgment of our team, and follow their directions.

Each of our patients brings us a gift of their trust, their confidence in us, and I feel a commitment to follow through on their behalf. The focus is on them; we serve them."

Nancy is an avid swimmer, enjoys current events and loves to sing.